Disappointed Quotes

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Expecting too much can lead to so much disappointment.

disappointed quotes A2

Stop falling in love with everything that lets you down.

disappointed quotes A3

No expectations, No disappointments.

disappointed quotes A4

I can’t tell if it’s killing me or it’s making me stronger.

disappointed quotes A5

The sad thing is, I actually thought you were different.

disappointed quotes A6

Expecting is mu favorite crime & disappointment is always my punishment.

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If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed. – Sylvia Plath

disappointed quotes A8

A person’s actions will tell you everything you need to know.

disappointed quotes A9

I’m sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed. But you know what ? I’ll put on a happy face and move on. It will hurt but I will survive.

disappointed quotes A10

It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.

disappointed quotes A11

Its better to not expect anything then you won’t be disappointed.

disappointed quotes A12

I must say I was disappointed an shocked by that.

disappointed quotes A13

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you.

disappointed quotes A14

I’m not ever gonna get mad anymore. I’m going to learn to expect the lowest our of the people I thought the highest of.

disappointed quotes A15

Don’t blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them.

disappointed quotes A16

Never get too attached to anyone, it will lead to expectations and expectations lead to disappointments. Anticipate everything and expect nothing.

disappointed quotes A17

After being disappointed so many times, you start to lose hope in everything.

disappointed quotes A18

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

disappointed quotes A19

It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today.

disappointed quotes A20

Disappointment is just the action of your brain readjusting itself to reality after discovering things are not the way you thought they were – Brad Warner.

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